How do I know if I’m sensitive to my home or a certain food?

With advanced computer technology, we can now screen your body in a non-invasive fashion (no needles) for allergies, toxicities, infections, and deficiencies.

For example, we often discover that someone’s illness, be it rashes or malaise or headaches, is caused by exposures in their home to gas leaking from their dryer, mold growth in their closet, or formaldehyde.

Common sources of formaldehyde are particle board in furniture and cabinets, sizing on new cloth furniture, chemicals in permanent-press clothing, glues and adhesives, and preservatives in paints and coating products.

Do you know what is lurking in your home that is bothering you or a family member?

Mary, 54, complained of headaches that woke her up several nights a week. She had not changed her diet, her cosmetics, or her laundry soap for years. Through the evaluation we found that her new clothes dryer, which had a funny smell when she dried her clothes, was the culprit. When she stopped using the new dryer and let the smell in the machine fade away, her headaches stopped.

We can identify what’s affecting you with screening.

Do you know that a hidden toxin could be burdening your body and making you more vulnerable to becoming sick over and over again? You will find the screening painless as well as fascinating.

Once the source is located, it can be removed. And we can provide recommendations for diet, natural supplements and other treatments to strengthen your immune system and help your body recover.

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