Are harmful chemicals and metals affecting your health?

Every day we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals and metals. Everything from the gas fumes when you fill your car and the fluoride in your toothpaste to the softening agents in your water has an effect on your body.

Over time these things build up and can have a very negative effect on your health. With special testing Dr. Lippman can determine if these elements are making you sick. Ridding your body of these toxins doesn’t happen quickly but Dr. Lippman has a great track record in helping patients do just that.

Do you know that a hidden toxin could be burdening your body and making you more vulnerable to becoming sick over and over again? Headache, attention deficit disorder, autism, digestive issues, chronic infection, virtually any disorder can be improved by discovering these burdens. You will find the screening painless as well as fascinating.

If you’ve tried conventional therapies and are still not experiencing optimal health, please call me. The Lippman Center for Optimal Health is committed to helping you live a balanced, healthy, and joyful life.

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