Sick again?

Why can’t you ever seem to get well anymore?

You feel under the weather; you can’t exactly say what’s wrong. You feel tired; you are dragging; you think it’s probably stress or something you’ve been eating, it’s not enough discomfort to make you see the doctor but it’s definitely bugging you.

Maybe it’s a cold you can’t seem to get rid of or a recurring illness that just never really seems to completely go away. We use a variety of tests and assessments that can get to the heart of your problem and help you feel like you again.

Debra, 35, volunteers at her child’s school. She complained that she seemed to catch whatever illness the students had and bring it home. She often got very sick and had to be in bed for two or three days, which worried her family. Food allergy testing and a gluten intolerance test for gluten allergy revealed foods that irritated her body.

We discussed her diet. She significantly reduced the amount of sugar she was eating, added many more vegetables, and started taking supplements chosen to support her overall immune system and improve the health of her gastrointestinal tract.

So far this school year, Debra has not been sick once—even though she’s been exposed to students with colds and flu. Even her nine-year-old son commented that he likes it better when she is not sick in bed so often.

“When I came to Dr. Lippman, I was facing having my sinuses scraped because of recurrent sinus infections. Her program saved me from surgery. My health has never been as good as since I started working with her. I am enormously grateful.”
—Anne P.

A painless screening can find the cause

With a painless screening of your body via advanced computer technology, Dr. Lippman seeks the causes of your inability to get well or to stay well.

The screening can identify sensitivities to gluten grains, food allergies, chemicals and/or inhalants which can then be avoided or treated.

Sometimes the problem lies in a reinterpretation of your blood test results. With that information we can recommend nutritional supplements or herbs or bio-identical hormones that will balance your body and make you stronger.

For example, with the right supports, you can avoid getting the flu year after year without taking the flu shot. Do you take enough vitamin C? Are other bodily systems compromised leading to a drain on your immune system? Could you be eating foods that are suppressing your immune system making you vulnerable to becoming sick? Does testing show the need for treatment for Candida?

We can test for these situations and more. Recommendations for your diet, for nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathics, and other remedies can make you stronger so that you won’t get the flu when everybody else does. You will find the holistic treatments support you in new ways.

Electrodermal testing; a lie-detector test for your health

People tell Dr. Lippman how helpful the electrodermal testing performed in her office is for them. The FDA-registered software and hardware allow her to screen non-invasively for allergies, infections, toxicities, and deficiencies.

Think of a lie-detector test in the absence of an accusation of a crime. The equipment allows Dr. Lippman and the patient to tap into the body’s intelligence and identify areas that are issues for that individual. No needles, no pain; real-time answers.

Are you ready to live a life of optimal health?

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