Neuro Cranial Integration and Quantum Neurology®

What is Neuro Cranial Integration?

According to Gray’s Anatomy: “The brain and the nervous system control and coordinate all the functions of the body and relate it to its environment…”

The nerves extend through every part of our body from the top of our head to the tips of our toes. When the nervous system is not working well, the body does not work well. When the nervous system is working well, the body can heal many conditions and symptoms including headache, back pain, tremor, weakness and symptoms of sensitivities.

The goal of Neuro Cranial Integration is to “relieve pressure in the brain and nervous system that caused by illness, injury and daily stress.” Then the body can “function at a higher level of efficiency.”

While Neuro Cranial Integration is not designed to treat specific conditions, diseases or symptoms, people with a range of disorders have found it helpful.

Quantum Neurology® focuses on rehabilitating the nervous system.

These techniques can be used on patients with an injury, illness or any condition. Think of it this way. Your body is very intelligent. Sometimes because of an injury, your body forms patterns to protect you from the next injury.

For example, if you twist your ankle, it is not just the ankle that is involved; all the muscles of your body try to stop you from twisting your ankle again. Your sensory system has reacted to the pain, and your emotions have reacted to the upset. It’s easy to understand why much of your system was affected just by twisting your ankle and may remain affected. The goal of the Quantum Neurology® treatments is to assist your body to restore its healthy patterns. While not treating an injury or illness directly, in strengthening and rehabilitating the nervous system, people find they become stronger and/or clearer and their symptoms reduce or go away altogether.

Dr. Lippman is the first medical doctor to be certified as a Quantum Neurology® Certified Practitioner.

Your first visit for a Quantum Neurology evaluation will last about 30 minutes. Please fill out a patient information form first and bring it with you. You’ll find the patient form on the clinic page.

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