Addressing your child’s physical and attention-oriented issues.

Over the years, Dr. Lippman has determined that many childhood issues and ailments are the result of food sensitivities or reactions to environmental conditions. Before you put your child on prescription medication to resolve behavior issues, come in for testing.

The Lippman Center for Optimal Health tests non-invasively for foods to which your child might be sensitive, for chemicals to which their body is reacting, and for standard pollens that might contribute to behavioral issues. Testing for food allergies and chemical sensitivity can reveal causes of behavior problems. For example, treatment for attention deficit disorder and autism utilize the information derived from the testing.

Once a child catches on to the process, they often ask Dr. Lippman to test for “this food” and for “that animal.” Dr. Lippman can address aspects of your child’s environment and diet that affect your child.

Dr. Lippman will recommend supplements, homeopathics, and herbs to reduce their sensitivities and strengthen their immune system. She will identify specific foods that may be affecting them, so you can eliminate those foods from the diet. Using these approaches can improve and stabilize your child’s health and behavior. These methods are valuable for treatments for attention deficit disorder, autism, and Candida, as well as other conditions.

When my daughter was little, she suffered with chronic ear, nose and throat infections as well as a myriad of food and environmental allergies. Her pediatrician had her on antibiotics almost all of the time and she still missed a great deal of school and playtime with friends. Dr. Lippman prescribed such things as dietary changes, nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathics. My daughter began to have fewer infections and her allergies decreased dramatically. Today she is a strong and healthy teenager due in large part to Dr. Lippman’s help. – Lisa S.

There are alternatives to prescription medication

Many parents who are frustrated by the lack of options for autism or attention disorder treatment come to The Lippman Center for Optimal Health.

Many factors contribute to the autism spectrum disorders and other disorders of childhood, e.g. nutritional deficiencies, gastro-intestinal disruptions, allergies to foods, chemical sensitivity or sensitivity to other aspects of the individual’s environment, or heavy metal toxicity (as in accumulation from vaccinations or amalgam fillings). Dr. Lippman has hope and treatment options for these parents.

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