5 reasons to call The Lippman Center for Optimal Health

Cathie Lippman, MD specializes in treating:

  1. People who have been told there is “Nothing wrong with you,” or “You just have to live with it,” or “That’s what happens when you get old.”
  2. Night sweats and other menopausal symptoms using bioidentical hormone therapy.
  3. Chronic digestive issues: Alternating constipation and diarrhea, prolonged diarrhea or constipation, abdominal pain, or parasites.
  4. Children with learning problems, who are constantly sick, or who are on the autism spectrum.
  5. People who get sick frequently, even when others around them are well, and then can’t seem to get well.

Diagnosis and treatment

Your initial consultation with Dr. Lippman will uncover areas on which to focus. In addition, a computerized BioScan evaluation will pinpoint foods and other areas of sensitivity.

The computerized BioScan is used to measure the resistance to a mild electric current along a meridian pathway, as in traditional Chinese medicine, to each of the body’s organs. This technique is non-invasive and provides an extraordinary new perspective on the state of the body’s energetic health.

Dr. Lippman’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the whole person, including psychological, nutritional, and physiological influences, as well as environmental factors, make her uniquely qualified to examine how these various influences affect the patient.

Prioritizing actions to improve health

Her special approach enables her to prioritize the actions one should take to regain health. Dr. Lippman often recommends that patients do laboratory studies to confirm the presence and severity of infections, toxicities or deficiencies.

She then makes recommendations for change in diet as well as employing homeopathics, nutritional supplements, and/or herbs to effect the desired changes.

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The Lippman Center for Optimal Health is located in Beverly Hills, California, at 291 S. La Cienega Boulevard, Suite 409. Dr. Lippman has more than 30 years of experience treating many aggravating conditions in all ages.

There are nfew environmental medicine physicians, which makes Dr. Lippman uniquely qualified to address chemical sensitivity, provide bioidentical hormones and other alternative medicine therapies.

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