A frequent speaker

Dr. Lippman is a frequent speaker on the topics of environmental and preventive medicine. She is recognized as one of the top alternative medicine doctors. Her recent appearances have been on the topic: “Staying Healthy in a Challenging World.”

To listen to some of her recent interviews please click here:

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Interview about “Food Allergies with Anastasia Chopelas, healer and creator of the Diamond Healing Method.”

What organizations are saying about Dr. Lippman

As you no doubt were able to see for yourself, our members thoroughly enjoyed your classes. Once again, you were able to shed light on issues of vital importance to all of us. We are very appreciative of your generosity of time and effort. —Laura Rabin, Hazak Class Coordinator

Thank you for coming and speaking to our group. It was a fantastic meeting and everyone really enjoyed you. I’m grateful that you were able to answer so many questions that our parents had. It is so helpful as parents try to navigate through the many decisions we have to make regarding the health of our children. Many thanks. —Cindy Pleshe, Los Angeles Chapter Leader, Holistic Moms Network

Dr. Lippman is available to speak to groups or conferences. She’s well known for providing valuable insight into living a healthy life and addressing the environmental pressures on our health. Anyone who attends one of her talks will leave with a new perspective on being healthy, addressing food allergies and aging well.

Contact The Lippman Center to schedule Dr. Lippman for your group: 310-289-8430