Could my daughter’s behavioral problems be related to her diet?

Frequently children who come to my office ask, “am I going to get a shot?” They calm down when I assure them they will not. In fact they’ll enjoy the testing process.

At The Lippman Center for Optimal Health, we test non-invasively. We’ll test your child for foods to which he/she might be sensitive, for chemicals to which their body is reacting, and for standard pollens that might also contribute to behavioral issues. Once a child catches on to the process, they often ask me to test for “this food” and for “that animal.”

Once a child catches on to the process, they often ask me to “test for this food” and for “that animal.” By finding the aspects of the environment that are affecting your child we can address your child’s diet.

We will recommend supplements, homeopathics, and herbs to reduce your child’s sensitivities and strengthen their immune system. We’ll also identify specific foods that may be affecting them, so you can eliminate those foods from the diet. Using these approaches can stabilize your child’s health and behavior.

One mother described how much more pleasant her son became when she eliminated wheat from his diet. His teacher also commented on how much better he behaved in the classroom and that his test scores were improving as well.

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