What’s causing these chronic stomach aches after a meal?

Stomach aches can have many different causes. It’s important to pinpoint the cause first, before determining the appropriate treatment.

George, a retired 72 year-old teacher, had developed frequent abdominal pain, belching, and even occasional vomiting after eating. Screening found he was sensitive to dairy and to wheat. He was positive for overload syndrome—the ecology of his gastrointestinal tract was imbalanced.

George eliminated wheat and dairy from his diet and took special digestive enzymes and other nutrients. He had immediate results with a 75% reduction in symptoms. Monthly visits showed continued improvement and allowed us to update his regimen.

By the end of six months, he was able to reduce the number of supplements he was taking. He also found he could eat dairy or wheat occasionally without ill effects, especially if he supported his digestion with the right nutrients.

We’ll screen you first for food sensitivities

With our advanced computer non-invasive screening, we can screen you for what foods might be causing your stomach ache. We can also screen for other causes, which could include:

  • An imbalance in your stomach or in your intestines
  • An infection in your intestines
  • Toxicity from a heavy metal
  • Sensitivity to certain foods

There could be a need for herbs or nutritional supplements or the avoidance of specific foods to correct the problem. Our recommendations are designed to solve the problem without harmful or disagreeable side effects.

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