Environmental Medicine

Together, let’s create vibrant health in a toxic world

Heidi* was living with near-daily migraines that were destroying her life.

After suffering for many years, she sought treatment from Cathie-Ann Lippman, MD, and the Lippman Center for Optimal Health. At her first visit, we talked about her health history, her workplace and hobbies; nothing stood out as a trigger for these crushing migraines. Electrodermal screening suggested a reaction to bananas – which Heidi ate for breakfast every morning.

Dr. Lippman suggested avoiding the fruit, and Heidi agreed. A few weeks later she called Dr. Lippman and said, “It was the bananas! I stopped eating them and haven’t had a migraine since.” It’s moments like these that makes Dr. Lippman’s work most satisfying, and why she is so passionate about using Environmental and Preventive medicine to address chronic health problems.

Alternative approach improves health

What is Environmental Medicine?

It’s a medical specialty that suggests illness may be caused by sensitivities to foods, chemicals, or the environment.

Using an FDA-registered device, blood work, and other tools, Dr. Lippman determines if something you are eating, drinking, breathing, or living with might be creating your health problem. She thinks of herself as part detective and part “artichoke peeler.” The symptoms are just a starting point; she looks for the underlying cause. Is it the food someone is eating, cleaning products used in the home, or a sensitivity to the new carpet in the office?

During the all-important first visit, she begins by talking with, and listening to, the patient, reviewing his or her health history, and screening.

The screening uncovers possible sensitivities, infections, toxicities, and deficiencies. Based on her findings, she may recommend diagnostic tests not typically ordered by the conventional medical community. At the same time she recommends dietary changes, nutrients, herbs, homeopathic remedies and/or bio-identical hormones.

She peels the patient’s “artichoke”, layer by layer, in order to get to the “heart” of the underlying health issues.

One symptom, many causes

If you look at a roomful of people, it’s obvious we don’t all look the same on the outside. So we certainly don’t look the same on the inside.

Dr. Lippman doesn’t assume that a stopped-up nose is hay-fever. It could be a spring allergy; it could also be a reaction to pollution, detergents, food or mold. That is what is fascinating about Environmental and Preventive medicine. Since there is no one genetic profile for the population, there is no one reason for any one symptom.

Dr. Lippman’s videos provide recommendations for a healthier life.

“Regarding Dr. Lippman, I will be forever grateful for her care as she made me well from Candida and multiple allergies (food and environmental). Her testing with NAET saved me! She is also a Nikken Wellness Consultant. I still consult with her by phone when necessary to maintain my good health. Thank you.”
—Wendy C. from Chicago

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